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KATN Payroll has been active in the Human Resources Industry since 1993. Our experiences in the field have taught us that our clients have various and changing Human Resource needs. We have therefore grown our portfolio over the years so as to be able to meet all these needs.

Full Payroll Bureau Service

We take over and administer your entire payroll function for you. We will transfer salaries/wages directly into relevant bank accounts, print salaries/wages cheques, produce all legislative reports, administer your year-end for you (including IRP production), and keep you constantly informed through regular, comprehensive reports. Those clients using our Bureau service also qualify for FREE telephonic Human Resources/Industrial Relations advice and assistance.

Remote Payroll Bureau Service

Should you prefer to be more involved in the administering of your payroll, KATN Payroll can offer you an in-house capturing option. Our user-friendly software will allow you to capture your own timesheets and have an up-to-date detail version of your payroll on hand.

Payroll/IRP Administration Software

Should you prefer to administer your payroll functions in-house, our very comprehensive and user- friendly software will assist you with this function. For those clients using our software in-house, we offer friendly and prompt telephonic support, as well as direct data support where needed.

Human Resources/Industrial Relations

To all our clients, we offer qualified, experienced Human Resource and Industrial Relations support at very competitive rates.